Plastic Surgery & the use of Laser

Aging, sun exposure, hereditary factors, hectic lifestyle and the effects of alcohol and smoking inevitably result in a wrinkled face skin.

In addition, the use of contraceptive pills, pregnancy and other genetic factors coupled with aging, create areas of uneven pigmentation.

Moreover, a deep acne can lead to having major scars in the face, leaving an uneven skin. These as well as other dermatological flaws can be corrected with the use of Laser and dermabration. Laser is performed on the skin surface which vaporises the upper layers of the damaged skin and helps the creation of new ones, or acts deeper and helps to create collagen from the body itself, thus improving wrinkled or damaged skin.

Dermabration is performed on the surface of the skin which vaporises layers of damaged skin, and helps to form new cells, giving a smoother, tighter looking skin surface.


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