Hair Restoration

A hair restoration treatment is a very effective solution for dealing with alopecia. Mini & Micro grafts offer a permanent solution with natural look.

Hair shedding is a daily natural process

Every hair in the head follows three phases:

Only 15% of hair is going through the resting phase while 85% is increasing by a number of millimetres every month. Most hair shedding is due to the normal hair cycle, and losing 50-150 hair per day is no cause for alarm. A man's head has around 100,000 hairs.

Causes of hair loss

Scientists believe that 95% of hair loss in both men and women is due to what is called "androgenetic type" of alopecia. In men, it takes the shape of a "horse shoe", while in women it is noticed as "thinning hair" all over the scalp.

Hair loss is mainly due to:

The above factors lead to the general thinning of hair or in the reduction of follicles.

What is micro-transplantation?

It refers to the surgical removal of skin with hair, and placement after segmentation, in mini and micro- grafts in the head providing permanent hair. It comes usually from the back of the head which are genetically programmed not to shed. The transplant hairs are growing normally for the rest of your life.

Surgical reduction of alopecia

It refers to the surgical removal of bald hair surface. It is performed in conjunction with hair transplantation aimed at the reduced number of transplants needed. It is usually recommended in large bald surfaces.

What is a mini/micro grafts?

Mini transplants contain 3-8 hair while micro contains fewer. With the right positioning, they provide a natural look and not the hair look of a doll or toothbrush.


It refers to the large number of grafts being placed.

Technique, Healing and Result

It requires local anesthesia. The graft is removed from the back area of the head while sutures are removed after 7-10 days. Throughout the process of placing the graft we create the mini-micro grafts which are positioned in the bald surface prior to opening up very small incisions.

After the treatment

You can wash your hair after 2-3 days with a special antiseptic shampoo. Some swelling in the forehead and numbness disappear gradually.


After a month the hair grafts will shed but not the follicles which after 4-5 months will produce the new hair. The transplanted hair will remain for the rest of your life and will follow the natural process described above.You will take the final result after a year.


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